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Maintenance and Clearance of Carpet

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Maintenance and Clearance of Carpet
Extract: This paper analyzed construction and usage of carpet, and made detailed specification to maintenance and clearance in the process of using.
Keywords: carpet decoration maintenance clearance

The carpet is one kind of upscale decoration furnishing material. At present the carpet in the trade, work, display widely are laid down. According to statistics in modern hotel office, carpet accounts for 60% above. Now along with people living standard's enhancement, more and more families have carried on repairs. In multitudinous ground decoration material, carpet is of elegance, comfortable foot feeling, against tide and wet and so on. The carpet is widely used in people's repair. But in people's using, some shortcomings make people felt very headache, such as easily dirty, not easily clean, collect and easy discoloration, not resistant to compression, easily leaving marks and so on. Here we provide some cleaning methods:
The Selecting of carpet
When selecting and purchasing carpets, the size should match with the ground size. The luster and performance should match with occasion for using.
The channel should select carpets against dirt and frication, and the living room chooses soft material, magnificent appearance of senior chemical fiber carpet or wool carpet and so on. Generally speaking, the type of textile fiber, the quantity and density of carpet pile head and the height of pile head influence carpet quality largely. The silk and the wool's overall performance are best. The carpet of high pile head is soft, but is not easy to clean. In addition, good carpet's surface is smooth, and carpet thickness is even. After pressing gently, carpet pile can restore original condition. The backing immediately does not have wears. The lining back should be supposed to be reliable with backing, not getting free. When selecting and purchasing carpet, we also should pay attention to price and look whether reasonable. The wool carpet by hand is expensive, and the chemical fiber acupuncture carpet is inexpensive.

2.The Construction of Carpet
The First Floor: The surface screen usually is made of natural fiber and artificial fiber. The surface is loose and soft
The Second Floor: Supporting floor, usually made of textile fiber, plays the strut role to enhances carpet's stability and durability.
The Third Floor: The second supporting floor, generally made of hemp or filament, tightly attaches to the supporting floor and make entire carpet firm.
The Pad Floor: Its structure is generally of reverted hole, and its function is to make carpet separate with the ground, increasing permeability and elasticity.

3.The Problem we need to notice in carpet's using
(1)New opening pile carpet from beginning can have light float hair. This is normal phenomenon.
(2)The carpet surface is guarded against sharp weapon and smoke.
(3)When carpets leave plant, most of carpets are made by worm-preventing processing, so don't need to lay aside repellant which does harm to carpet and human body.
(4)The blob on the carpet should promptly be cleaned. The blob will become more difficult to remove as time passes.
(5) After some time, there are massive bacteria and one kind of living thing called Tick Mite on the carpet, which can harm human body health. Therefore it is supposed to carry on the comprehensive clean regularly every two or three months.
(6)It is supposed to put pad against dirt on the entrance in order to keep carpet clean. Moreover, after contacting with chemicals, carpet can possibly produce chemistry dirt or fade. Therefore, it is supposed to avoid carpet to be sticked in by commonly used chemical, like detergent, skin care cosmetic and so on. In addition, the carpet cannot for a long time be exposed to sunlight, or they can fade. The carpet needs frequently to be cleaned by cleaner, because the dust accumulating in the carpet can cause attrition to textile fiber, and make carpet become gloom. In the staircase, the hall, the corridor and place with lots of people, each week it is supposed to be cleaned by cleaner two or three times. The bedroom is vacuumed at least each week one time.

4.The Maintenance of carpet
After lying, carpet must be carried on cleaning frequently. This can keep goodly and reduce attrition. On the carpet the contamination mainly have two big kinds: the first one is dust and particulate matter. The second one is dirt and grease stains and other chemical substances. Cleaner may solve the former regularly. The latter needs chemistry to dissolve aids with specialist to instruct. If improper, this causes dirt spread. Do proceed with caution.

(1)The Stain of carpet
A. The stain and dirty distribution in the carpet level
The multi-layer structure of carpet makes dirt to be easy hide.
The dirt is not only in carpet surface, but also can penetrate to the supporting floor in which fiber structure tangles
The dust and sand permeate the second, third supporting floor, become internal hided dirt and damage carpet textile fiber unceasingly. Because of carpet are scratched unceasingly and moved, the dirt can hide more deeply. B. The classification of carpet stain and dirt:
a. Water-base and dry stain and dirty
The majority of carpet dirt belongs to water-base and dry matter, including dust, sand, starch, soft drinks, tea and water fruit juice approximately accounting for 80%-85% of all dirt. Especially tiny dust, work and life sundries, mostly sticks in the carpet surface. The big dirt pellet can fall in the supporting floor.
b. The oil-base stain and dirt (this includes animal, vegetable oil, cosmetics, shoeshine, ball pen oil and so on).
c. The protein-base stains and dirt (this includes blood, vomitus, urine, food category). The two kind of stains and dirt approximately account for about 15 to 20%.

(2)The processing of carpet stains in using
The common ways of cleaning carpet dirt
Food stains: Cleaning With volatile solvent such as gasoline or carbon tetrachloride and so on. The remains are cleaned by alcohol.
Soy Sauce stains: cleaning new stains by cold water to brush and using detergent to wash. Old stains are cleaned by detergent and ammonia water with lukewarm water, then by water.
Shoeshine stains: cleaning with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol, then soap.
Urine stains: cleaning new stains with lukewarm water or 10% ammonia water to wash off. Old stains are cleaned by detergent to wash first, then ammonia water. The pure wool carpet is cleaned by lemon acid.
Fruit juice stains: Using 5% ammonia water to clean first, then using detergent again. But the ammonia water has damage to pure wool carpet fiber, it is supposed to reduce using as far as possible. Generally using the lemon acid, alcohol or soap to clean.
Ice cream stains: cleaning with gasoline.
Alcohol stains: cleaning new stains with water. Old stains are cleaned by ammonia water with borax watery solution. If carpet material is wool and silk, clean with oxalic acid.
Coffee and tea stains: washing off with the ammonia water. The silk and wool carpet stains is washed off with oxalic acid after soaking 10-20 minute or with 10% glycerin solution.
Vomits stains: One method is to clean with gasoline, then with 5% ammonia water, finally with lukewarm water. Another method is to clean with 10% ammonia water soaking, then soap solution with alcohol, finally with detergent.
Washing off dirt above need right methods of cleaning in order not to damage carpets and cause dirt spread. Therefore, when cleaning, please pay attention to following several points:

1.Clean first from dirt edge, shrink gradually to the center, and prevent stains from spreading out.
2.The silk and wool carpet should be cleaned with ammonia water and lye.
3.Oxalic acid is poisonous. When using, it is supposed to use lukewarm water to dilute because concentrated acid is easy to wound textile fiber.
4.When cleaning, don't put excessive force on it, otherwise can damage fiber structure and surface.
5.The potassium permanganate, which is strong oxidant, can destroy carpet color. Be careful to use.
6.The flammable things such as turpentine, gasoline and so on don't be close to fire.
7. The alcohol cannot be used in the glass fiber.

(3)The steps of cleaning
1)Dust absorption: before cleaning, first clean carpet thorough in order to be convenient with later work.
2)Cleanings: carry on correct scouring with floor scrubbing machine. When scouring, join cleanser of right amount.
3)Water Absorption: Carry on water absorption work with specialized water sampling machine to reduce amount of detergent that left in carpet after using scrubbing machine.
4)Scouring: scour with water, at the same time join the taste medicinal preparation in the water, in order to wipe off foreign flavor in carpet.
5)Water Absorption: continues work of water absorption above. After cleaning with water, use clean towel to absorb water, and try to be dry as soon as possible. Don't be exposed to strong sunlight, or carpet can fade.
6)Scrabble: use scrabble head to straighten out carpet pile and extract out residual hair
7)Blowing: In order to rapidly make carpet dry, carry on air-dries with specialized air-drying machine. Be sure that carpet is air-dried quickly.
(4)The cleaning ways of carpet
1)wet cleaning carpet
Use carpet special equipment and cleanser with rot proof and high soak and in view of different stains to use specialized cleanser to make correspondent processing. After the stains are absorbed by vacuum water sampling machine, then use antifouling compound to spray. This causes carpet surface to form the waterproof thin film, and makes carpet waterproof and dustproof.
the general process

1 .dust absorption
2 .part process- there are several ways to deal with stains individually

1) Spray with detergent or water on the carpet, then scour and absorb with towel;
2) scatter dry powder with stains-releasing on the carpet, again uses brush to brush, then carries on dust absorption.
3) Spray cleaning solution mixed on the carpet, then use cleaning machine with shower nozzle and vacuum dust absorption to clean dust.
3 Comprehensive clean. The specialist operates specialized equipment, carries on careful cleaning with cleansing agent to carpet, then wash off cleaning liquid and contamination. This can be done repeatedly according to situation.
Technical process chart for reference
Equipment: soil washer(pure wool with triad carpet cleaning machine), water sampling machine, dryer machine
Tools: bucket, small brush (for heavy stains) consumed material: carpet cleaning agent, agent to clean stains, 84. disinfectant solution
Technical process: soil washing---water absorption-----soil washing---water absorption--- disinfectant----dryer 2)dry cleaning carpet
Use carpet dry cleaner with inward dry clean equipment for upscale long wool carpet, central carpet, pure silk carpet, high-quality writing room and guest room's pure wool carpet. After washing, use antifouling compound to spray. This causes carpet surface to form the waterproof thin film, and makes carpet waterproof and dustproof. The general process:

1. dust absorption
2. part process- there are several ways to deal with stains individually

1) Spray with detergent or water on the carpet, then scour and absorb with towel;
2)scatter dry powder with stains-releasing on the carpet, again uses brush to brush, then carries on dust absorption.
3) Spray cleaning solution mixed on the carpet, then use cleaning machine with shower nozzle and vacuum dust absorption to clean dust.
Comprehensive clean. The specialist operates specialized equipment and carries on careful cleaning. This can be done repeatedly according to situation.
The merit is to walk on the carpet just after washing without water, protect furniture and electric equipment in the room, wash deeply, eliminate acarid , increase of service life and improve air quality
Technical process chart for reference
Equipment: soil washer, water sampling machine, dryer machine
Tools: bucket, brush(for heavy stains)
Consumed material: dry cleaning agent, agent to clean stains, power to clean, antifouling composition , 84. disinfectant solution
Process: dry cleaning evenly---partial process---dry cleaning carpet---water absorption---dry cleaning carpet----water absorption--- disinfections---spray with antifouling composition

5. the cleaning process of types of carpet
(1) draining froth cleaning
1. Equipment and tools: single-deck soil washer with carpet brush and froth hitter, carpet comb or harrow, cleaner
2. Used materials: carpet high-soak cleaning agent
3. operation
(1)dust absorption with cleaner
(2)wash off stains and spot with rag
(3)make carpet soak cleaning agent dilute and get into hitting froth box.
(4)clean edge of carpet, corner and places machine can't reach with brush
(5)dry cleaning carpet by single-deck floor sweeping machine with carpet brush and froth hitter.
(6)stop for a little while, then repeat;
(7)Comb carpet face with carpet comb and harrow. This is extremely important for appearance, especially cotton velvet carpet with long fiber. Moreover this has function of speeding up desiccation;
(8) make carpet completely dry;
(9) Absorb dirt and draining froth crystalline substance with cleaner.
(2) pump washing(for chemical fiber carpet)
1. Equipment: carpet brush, sprayer, water sampling machine, carpet washer;
2. Used materials: carpet shampoo
3. Operation:
(1) dust absorption with cleaner
(2) dilute detergent, then pour into sprayer(or water tank);
(3) spray on the carpet with detergent;
(4) after 5-10 minutes, dirt is isolated from fiber;
(5) Wash with soil washer. Operations go afterwards and enable each operation line to have a part to overlap, so there are two times to wash at least.
(6) after washing carpet, deal with washed carpet with water sampling machine;
(7) Start air-drying machine for making carpet completely and quickly dry.
Attention: It is negative effect to backing and fiber to continue to use highly concentrated force-cleansing agent. Therefore bleaching agent should be finally used in order to guarantee carpet life. The way to prevent dirt from black spot difficultly dispelled is fast processing. The liquid on the carpet should be cleaned by white soft paper. On the carpet should be put more papers, cleaned gently, then stepped on. Repeat this step above until things for sweeping saturated. The thick thing should be scraped by smooth things, like the soupspoon. It had best use cleaner to wash off solid or powder.

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