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Installation Instructions Of Rich Star Carpet Tiles

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Installation Instructions Of Rich Star Carpet Tiles
Please read all instructions carefully before installation. Any variance from any of the following instructions will become the responsibility of the installer and not the manufacturer, and shall void all otherwise applicable warranties.

Site Conditions
Rich Star Carpet Tiles are not intended for installation on walls or wet surface. We recommend the following conditions before installation: The preferable temperature should be approximately 18-35 ℃ with a relative humidity of 15%-60%. And a pH range of 5-9 is satisfactory.

Floor Preparation
Carpet must be installed over properly prepared substrates. All cracks, holes, and flooring irregularities must be adequately repaired to ensure a smooth, finished appearance and prevent accelerated wear. The under floor or sub floor must be thoroughly even, dry, clean and solid. Remove any carpet staples or glue residue and make sure floor is clean for proper installation.

Check the Carpet before Installation
All Rich Star Carpet Tiles should be inspected carefully for dye lot, pattern, quality and other damage during the shipping before installation. Contact with your dealer immediately when finding some defects. Do not install any product that has visible problems, otherwise that would void of the Product Warranty. The manufacturer will not be responsible for workmanship or problems due to improper installation.
Carpet Tiles must be adequately protected from soil, dust, moisture and other contaminants and stored on a flat surface, however, the number should be no more than 5 cartons for a long period if overlapped.

Tools and Supplies
Scissors;Tape Measures; Strait Edge; Marking Pen; Vacuum Cleaner; Trowel; pH Test Paper; Calcium Chloride Moisture Test.

Any uneven surface that cannot be leveled may require adhesive or double sided tape to hold a tile in place. Recommend to use solvent environment-friendly glue.
Caution: To protect your hands always wear heavy work gloves when handing tackles strips and other tools and materials.

Cutting Carpet Tiles
Always cut tiles from the back. Using one tile as a reference tile, score a line on the back of the tile that is to be cut. Cut the tile along the reference line, being careful not to cut through the installed tile below it. Always secure cut or partial tiles with releasable adhesive or double sided tape. The square of the cut carpet should not less than half of the square of common carpet tile. Otherwise it is not easy to secure it.

Floor Layout
Make a diagram with exact measurements of the areas where carpet will be installed. It is wise to locate the seams in the areas of lightest traffic. Indicate all windows, doors, furniture and unusual angles. Divide the room into four quadrants and snap a chalk line. Make sure quadrants meet at right angles. Use the 3-4-5 triangle method to make sure the first line is perpendicular to the second line. Check the distance from each centerline to its parallel wall and determine how many tiles will be required.

Carpet Installation
Tiles are printed on the back with arrows showing pile direction. Start from the intersection point in the center of the floor. Install the tiles in one quadrant using the chalk lines as guidelines. Fill in the area between the two chalk lines using the stair step method. Continue to install tiles in a stair step or pyramid pattern, starting at the center point.
Check to make sure the tiles are properly aligned at edges during the installation. Fit the tiles tightly together by sliding them together and press into the adhesive.
Repair after Carpet Tile’s Installation
Check the whole effect after the installation, if there are any seams among tiles, change them if possible. As for the fluff, use the scissors to repair accordingly.

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