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   ECO,means“environment and ecology”;soft,the name of cushion backing.“Eco-Soft” indicates carpet tiles we produced are ecological and soft,and our main tenet is to eatablish environmental brand of carpet tiles with greater competitive.The sign “O” represents a wonderful dream which is made by these colorful lines,when it extends into “soft”,curve and characters’ integration appeared;it is just same as the great combine of classical culture and modern fashion.

    The colorful lines’ outspread of Eco-Soft makes a beautiful hand scroll of painting,it tells the spirit of corporate culture:“ECO”—using recycled resources to do better quality in this carpet tiles’ development space in order to complete Eco-Soft.
When Eco-Soft comes into people’s vision,people could feel all kinds of emotions,thoughts and space extension which it express;meanwhile it is more than carpet tiles’ different patterns itself.

    In the year 1998,Eco-Soft began to produce its own carpet tiles,which is quite different from others,and also it means a milestone for Rich Star,Since then, the distinctions of Eco-soft urge enterprise—Rich Star to explore new sense of worth for carpet tiles.Use innovative creation;adopt excellent taste of beauty and exert social responsibilities of an enterprise in order to signify the Eco-Soft’s designs and meanings.

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