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Basic requirements for installation

Base ground foundation takes top importance to the installation of artificial grass, whose planeness, stability and drainage system affects the whole effect.

Because of the foundation quality requirements for artificial grass installation, almost all of the domestic stadiums' reconstructing projects nowadays budget the time and cost for the base ground foundation construction. Therefore it is quite expensive for the initial investment of overall reconstruction, which restricts the popularity of artificial grass in a certain extent. However, considering that when people replace for the second batch or even more, in the following 30-50years' life time of the normal foundation, it will not cost too much to complete that program again from zero. As a result of that, integrated artificial grass stadium still is an efficient and applicable program in the general plan.

Since there is no normative provision for foundation structure, different foundation structures are applied in artificial grass stadiums, such as bituminous concreted foundation, waterproof concreted foundation, gravel foundation and 7-level lime earth foundation. Then choosing what kind of foundation and drainage system depends on the function of the field and the financial condition. For example, international football institution requires to the neat and steady of the competition
range, so it is suggested that bituminous foundation is suitable and mostly choosing the pipeline type inner draining system. Besides, using the terrestrial
heat system in some cold area is also requested. Actually the normal stadiums or school playground choose turtle deck structure and external draining structure
mostly for the reason of the foundations' service life and convenience for combining of construction with the same plastic cement site. As we know,
nowadays it is more popular to use bituminous structure in sport areas as the base ground foundation.


Installation instructions

Steps of Paving Artificial Grass
Step One  Preparation for Construction
1.According to the actual situation, carrying out an effective and pragmatic plan.
2.Cooperating with other departments, and handling the procedures of starting,carrying out the work of technical and qualitative disclosure.
3.Accomplishing water & electric connection, and finish all the preparatory works.

Step Two  Field Preparation
1.Measure and inspect the field and verify all the materials information. Start construction only when the field meets the requirements. If not, proposing a repair solution in time.
2.Clean up the field. Take out all the sundries and ensure the base cloth could be laid on the flatness and pasted substantially.

Step Three  Paving Process of the Artificial Grass
To make sure the artificial grass paving is qualified, flat and measures up to the regulation issued by FIG, and also to guarantee the quality
and visual effect, the artificial grass should be laid in following steps:
1.Lay lines according to the blueprint. Find the vertical & horizontal axis of the ground. Confirm the central point of the ground. Set the boundaries of the ground.
2.Lay non-woven cloth on the field. Array the artificial grass rolls on the ground orderly according to the blueprint, 10cm lapping at the joint and 5cm lapping at the seam. The non-woven cloth should be paved straightly, flatly and have no breakage or creasing. The non-woven cloth couldn't show up on the field.
3.Spread the artificial grass and put them there for one day in order to have retractility. Check all the artificial grass paving direction and joint taps to make sure they are in right position. Exscind the adjacent overlapping sward by using exclusive cutting tool and then clean up the scrap. Make white boundary stripes in reserve.
4.Lay exclusive splicing tapes and smear exclusive glue on the ground between swards. The glue must be smeared evenly. Agglutinate the swards after the glue is dry. The glued seams within 1-2mm are allowed, if not, there will appear distinct jointed traces.

Step Four  Lineation
After finishing the artificial grass paving, cut up artificial grass and set the white boundary lines in it. Make both sides grasses into line and glue them to the adhesive tape. Carry out the work of lineation which must be strict in according with the blueprint and the standard. Please pay more attention to the linearity of cutting. When gluing the white lines, glue should be pasted up evenly in order to keep the white boundary line tally with the artificial grass.

Step Five  Embedding Sands and Colloidal Particles
1.After finishing lineation work, then begin the work of embedding sands. During the process of embedding sands, pay attention to the evenness of the sands. Control the speed of the machine and the sand's jetting, so that the sand could be embedded evenly.
2.Pasting the colloidal particles is the next step, the colloidal particles must be uniformly pasting and should not be piled up to be one part; otherwise they will affect the elasticity and the esthetic sense of the artificial grass field's surface.

Step Six  Ending of Project
1.Mark the completion drawing. Sort out the construction materials and then make the construction conclusion.
2.Clean up the whole field.


After-sales service guarantee

First of all, thanks very much for using the artificial grass carpet manufactured by Wuxi Fuxing Carpet
Co., Ltd.. We promise following for your kindness:
1. Check before acceptance for the grass according to the contract, including the bunch density, pile height, yarn material.
2. Check before acceptance for the color of the grass carpet according to the samples which we provided.
3. During the guarantee period, if the color fade or yarn drop off in large acreage because of the quality problems, we will resupply the new free of charge.
4. We promise guarantee period according to specific product styles and specifications.
5. Provide solution suggestions for the grass carpet damaged by unsuitable installation or use method.
6. Scope: This guarantee is not available for reasons coursed due to conditions described hereinafter:
   Installation disobey the construction standard methods;
   Scorched, cutting, accident, destroy prepensely, abusing or careless;
   Improper or unqualified design of the sport site foundation;
   Abrasion coursed by the unsuitable site/ground;
   Damaged by unsuitable shoes and athletic facilities;
   Using in improper place which is unsuitable for specific products;
   Using detergent, phytocide or pesticide;
   Improper methods of cleaning, maintenance or upkeep;
   Force majeure situation.
   The reasonable abrasion of grass carpet which depends on the actual situation of utilization and the local climate condition, shall be without liability of the supplier.  
7. Documents files for proof are requested if customer claims for compensation, including product's lot number, date of installation, erector's information, samples of product and padding materials, photoes of scene, and any others to testify the quality problem.

Sending address: Wuxi Fuxing Carpet Co.,Ltd
No.98 C#zone, YangMing Industry Road ( Westwardly,to the end),Wuxi214024,Jiangsu

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