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We are focus on manufacture ECO friendly carpet products-green carpeting, which brings people green living circumstance. Green carpeting are sustainable, recyclable and environment friendly. Green carpeting don’t produce off-gas or overtax virgin resources and saving energy and water. They do not contain harmful plasticizers  and have less polluting dyeing process and use less energy than for producing natural carpet. Compared with traditional carpeting, green carpeting have lower VOC, formaldehyde emission, SVOC and lower smoke density indication. Therefore, they are recyclable and environmentally friendly. Green carpeting have longer life cycle, so they won't need to be replaced frequently. Most of all, green carpeting have competitive and attractive prices which could save greater expenses.

Green carpeting are comfortable and help to relax leg or muscle fatigue. One obviously feature of green carpeting is that they have superior sound absorption and heat insulation. Therefore green carpeting create a better interior environment by improving noise reduction and a softer ‘stepping feel’. Green carpeting have various coloration with excellent colorfastness and understated luxury. Based on ecological design, green carpeting are manufactured by heart and with great responsibility.

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